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True Link

True Link for Home Audio is an encryption method for transferring high-definition digital audio over SPDIF connections.

It allows secure movement of digital audio whilst ensuring that the SPDIF clock signal can be transmitted with minimum degradation. This enhances the security of the digital audio data, and in tandem with Meridian Q-Sync, provides accurate clocking of the digital audio to maintain clarity and detail.


SPDIF digital audio signals contain both the digital audio itself and its clock signal. Variation in the audio signal can lead to variation in the stability of the clock signal recovered from the SPDIF audio. This is one source of “jitter”.


The SPDIF signal is encoded by the transmitter in such a way that it resembles noise. A corresponding decoder at the receiver recovers both the digital audio and the clock from the encoded signal.


The digital audio cannot be retrieved without a corresponding decoder, providing secure transmission of the audio. Furthermore, the encoding process ensures that the digital clock recovered from the SPDIF signal is as accurate as possible.

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