New Jersey-based integration firm, Bravo AV, has significantly upgraded a 15-year-old home theatre with transformational Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology from Meridian Audio at the heart of the new premium quality experience. 

On acquiring this property in Mendham, New Jersey, the recently retired homeowner was seeking a dedicated, high-performance home theater where he could enjoy time watching movies and having fun with his family. He also wanted the biggest screen possible as he sought to create a totally immersive space.  

Since the previous owner had removed all electronics, Bravo AV were challenged to re-imagine how the theatre could function to satisfy these requirements and what they could achieve with a new AV specification. As the company migrated the theater from a traditional surround sound set up to a Dolby Atmos configuration, Meridian Audio’s architectural range of DSP loudspeakers provided the perfect solution.  

For the Front, Left and Centre audio channels, Bravo AV specified three Meridian DSP640.2 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers, relocated behind a new SI Woven 128" Diagonal 16:9 Acoustically Transparent Fixed Screen. Since the three speakers had all previously been fitted beneath the movie screen, the resulting uplift in audio performance from this one decision alone was huge. For side and rear surround speakers, four Meridian DSP320.2 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers were installed and an additional four Meridian DSP320.2 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers were fitted in the ceiling to provide the height channel.


The bass performance in the theater was enhanced by Bravo AV with the addition of two JL Fathom In-Wall subwoofers. They combined a Storm ISP 32 AES ELITE 32-channel processor with a Meridian 271 DSP Digital Theater Controller to drive the active Meridian speakers. An Apple TV, a 4K Blu-Ray player and a Sonos Connect unamplified music streaming zone player provide the sources in the room. Bravo AV’s computer-designed acoustical treatment solution for the room was used to maximise clarity, focus, envelopment, dynamics and response and ensure exceptional performance for the audience wherever they are seated.  A new Sony VPL VW695ES Sony SXRD 4K projector raises the bar for picture quality in this Crestron controlled space and a fibre optic starscape ceiling completes the dramatic renovation.

Bravo AV has delivered a premium home theater experience, embracing cinema-quality video with critical music listening capability and a clean, classic aesthetic. The homeowner is beyond pleased with their new space, describing it as “a haven for relaxation, reconnection, and recreation for the family”.

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