Integration firm, Sound & Vision Advanced Technologies, transformed a multi-purpose living room within a 4,000 square-foot apartment in the heart of Manhattan, to serve as an advanced media room using high-quality audio solutions from Meridian.

The owner, an electronics enthusiast with a passion for music and movies, sought to transform this space into an audiovisual haven.

The room presented several challenges, including an awkward shape and structural constraints imposed by the architect. It also featured a drop-down projector, resulting in parts of the screen extending into the hallway, and the centre-channel loudspeaker couldn’t be positioned centrally due to the room’s limitations. The integrator also faced an additional complication as neither the designer, the architect nor the owner wanted floorstanding speakers.

“To address these challenges, we introduced Meridian as the solution. Meridian's reputation for uncompromising audio quality made it the top choice for this project. The owner couldn't visit a showroom to experience the speakers, so we brought the showroom to him. I took my own pair of DSP3200 loudspeakers, with the promise of matching the audio quality of these speakers through a pair of DSP320.2 in-wall loudspeakers in his home. The owner was blown away by the performance achieved through the speakers and agreed that Meridian was the best brand choice.”
Cezar Neculcea from Sound & Vision Advanced Technologies.


The integrator installed Meridian DSP520.2 in-wall speakers for the centre channel, Meridian DSP320.2 in-wall speakers for left, right and surround channels, as well as a Meridian DSW600 subwoofer, which was driven by a surround controller and HDMI audio processor. The various models of Meridian installation loudspeakers are designed so they work perfectly in combination with each other. They also all feature Meridian's unique E3 Bass technology which improves their low-frequency performance way beyond what is normally associated with their maximum fitting depth of a mere four inches.

The placement of the left and right channels presented a unique challenge. Due to the room's constraints, these loudspeakers were installed in the ceiling rather than the wall. However, the room's size and layout allowed for an optimal listening position, ensuring that the audio quality remained excellent despite the unconventional placement. The centre channel was positioned strategically to maximize its impact.

“When I first saw this project, I was unsure whether to take it on as all the challenges seemed like a lot, but I’m glad we did,” continued Cezar. “Working with Apex Technologies certainly helped play a role in the success of this project. Right from the project's inception, they provided invaluable support, transforming the experience into more than just a product purchase but a comprehensive service. The client is exceptionally satisfied with the results and this project serves as a testament to the ability of Meridian’s innovative audio solutions to overcome even the most challenging room configurations and deliver unparalleled audio quality in the most aesthetically pleasing way.”
Cezar Neculcea from Sound & Vision Advanced Technologies.

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