New York-based integration firm, Home Theater of Long Island, has enhanced an already magnificent Manhattan apartment with the addition of Meridian loudspeakers.

Home Theater of Long Island was tasked with seamlessly incorporating speakers alongside an expansive art collection in an NYC apartment. The owner wanted to appreciate the exquisite collection of paintings and sculptures that adorn their apartment walls, whilst also seeking to fill the apartment with music.

Space was the key issue in this project as every wall was brimming with art, leaving the team pondering one question, where do the speakers go? The client was clear she did not want any speakers on the walls - but even if she’d been willing to consider it, building policy frowns heavily on breaching anything in the apartments. So, placement options were limited.

When it came to choosing what tech to integrate into her city apartment, British Audio Technology Pioneer, Meridian Audio was the only choice. Having already had Meridian speakers installed throughout her two main residences, she very much wanted them in her pied-à-terre as well.

It was decided that the DSP7200SE Meridian loudspeakers were to be placed in the main living area. The speakers themselves are sculptural, with their clean modernist lines sitting synonymously with the art that the room already comprises.

Freestanding speakers tend to come with numerous cables, but Meridian loudspeakers have the necessary electronics built in, so they only require a single wire carrying the music source. Home Theater of Long Island used the standard networking lines already threaded throughout the building to send sound to the speakers, which meant only having to have one thin strand of cable running from the wall – allowing for simply seamless integration.

In the master and guest bedrooms, speakers were required mainly for TV viewing. The master bedroom now features Meridian M6 loudspeakers wedded to a soundbar placed beneath the screen. While the soundbar in the guest bedroom is joined with a pair of Meridian DSP3200s loudspeakers, which are decidedly compact but born from the same design lineage as the statement speakers in the main living area.

Home Theater of Long Island has delivered a premium integration of Meridian loudspeakers into this artistic haven within NYC. The speakers sit proudly alongside the owner’s exquisite collection of art.  

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