At Meridian, we strive to achieve a sound that is authentic, lifelike and natural. Musical subtleties are neither lost nor rearranged, rather their rhythm, timing, alignment and relationship is perfectly retained. 

This delivers a realistic sense of positioning, space and true scale of the vocals and instruments that make up a music track or performance. It’s the fine details that matter, anything that adds to, removes or degrades the detail will lessen your listening experience.

British Audio Pioneers

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to perfecting the path between the original performance and the sound that emerges from a loudspeaker.

To achieve this, every single component of every Meridian product is meticulously selected and engineered to maintain the integrity of the audio signal throughout the chain.

As the artist intended

Natural, synchronised performances that capture the essence of the original recording and the imaginations of those who listen.

Creating Moments That Bring People Together

The deep intake of breath of a sixties soul singer. The whirring drone of a helicopter overhead. The heaving intensity of a festival. The delicate intricacies of an orchestra. Moments that envelop you and those that you love and take you somewhere extraordinary. Moments that become anecdotes.

The mastery of how, why and where we hear sound may seem fundamental, but we never take this knowledge for granted. It is the reason why we are able to transport you back to that concert on a lazy Sunday morning. Feel every beat, every breath on your journey to work. Compel you to get up from the table and dance.

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