Cool, contemporary, open plan living meets discreet, premium performance Meridian sound in this latest high-end project completed by Slovakian-based integrator, Ketos, in the Czech Republic.

Ketos’s audiophile client had enjoyed the Meridian experience in a previous home. For this new property, designed by a renowned Czech architect with spectacular views of the city of Zlin in Southeastern Moravia, he wanted to repeat that same level of quality and enjoyment. This time, the challenge was to achieve that performance within a modernist interior shaped by curves, clean lines and open spaces.

The company’s principle challenge was the home’s ground floor media room area. Here, Ketos has deployed Meridian’s DSP520 in-wall loudspeakers, DSW sub-woofers and a G65 Surround Sound Controller to create an immersive audio environment when the homeowner and his family are relaxing with their favourite movies, concert footage or sports.

Meridian also features elsewhere in the property. The homeowner’s love for music is reflected in a separate purpose-built listening room where Meridian’s 808 Signature Reference CD Player takes centre stage. This unit generates a faithful rendition of the client’s music collection, with both analogue balanced and unbalanced outputs and a specially selected ROM drive. The signal path includes proprietary error correction and concealment, reducing jitter, and unique DSP upsampling technology. Finished in satin silver, the 808 allows the listener to hear depth in the recording and become immersed in the true audio experience.

"An immersive audio environment when the homeowner and his family are relaxing."

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