A young family of five, knowledgeable and experienced with home cinemas, requested help from CE Pro and CEDIA Award winning Australian-based integrators Len Wallis Audio, to create a state-of-the-art cinema room with an incredible surround sound system, complete with a starscape ceiling.

Working closely with Meridian Audio, the pioneers of high-resolution audio, Len Wallis Audio exceeded the client’s expectations, delivering the highest channel count of any Meridian theatre system in the world that really does pack an audio punch.

The homeowner was very particular about the cinema being able to deliver a powerful bass response. In order to achieve the necessary results, Meridian supplied ten DSP640 In-Wall Loudspeakers for the side and rear channels, six DSP320 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers for the ceiling, and three Meridian DSP7200SE Loudspeakers behind the screen. The in-built Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology enables superior-high-quality audio for a prolonged period of time, with no additional amplification required.

The focus on high-quality audio performance was a determining factor in the specification of Meridian’s highly efficient, high-performance loudspeakers. The floor-standing DSP7200SE, along with the in-wall loudspeakers, are capable of producing the reference 105db level across all seats, creating the truly immersive surround sound that the homeowner was looking for.

Acoustic treatment was critical in guaranteeing an accurate performance in an incredibly challenging room. A large structural concrete beam in the middle of the ceiling dictated many aspects of the design including the orientation of the room and all lines of sight. Len Wallis Audio reached out to Meridian and used its Design and Specification Service, receiving beneficial advice and support that helped them to achieve the best possible outcome. 3M blast-proof coating was applied to a large existing window to limit reverberance and the possibility of cracking at high SPL. An architectural wall structure placed the entire speaker package discreetly behind the acoustically transparent fabric. This created space for the side speakers to be positioned on-axis, as well as the necessary acoustic treatments, complementing the aesthetic design and enhancing the surround sound performance.

All twenty-three loudspeakers are seamlessly connected to Meridian’s compact 271 Digital Theatre Controllers, creating lifelike, authentic audio with flexible control. The 271 is essential for allowing the integration of any analogue and digital AV processor to the DSP loudspeakers within the home cinema. The project had multiple 4K video sources, including Kaleidescape, Apple TV, PlayStation, Satellite Boxes, and a Reference 4K Blu-Ray player.

Also integrated into the room is a Meridian 218 Zone Controller, which uses Meridian’s Hi-Res up-sampling technology to deliver Hi-Res music streaming and locally stored music. The 218 features IP and IR control, easily partnering with the Meridian loudspeakers in the home cinema for truly impactful sound.

The audio is complemented by a Sony 4K laser projector, a Lumagen 4K video processor, and a 157" micro-perforated cinemascope screen from Stewart Filmscreen for the ultimate movie-watching experience. Lutron lighting and shading solutions have been incorporated for the accurate dimming and light treatment, whilst Elite Home Theatre Seating in red silk leather and a starscape ceiling make design statements within the room.

Jono Dorset, Senior Custom Sales Consultant of Len Wallis Audio commented on the project: “Building a reference cinema system is complicated due to the fact that the audio system must be able to perform at high SPL levels. Specification of the speaker system is generally limited to either pro-audio type equipment, or an active speaker system. Meridian combines immense power and output with the subtlety and finesse of a true audiophile-grade loudspeaker. Meridian’s support and Design & Specification Service really assisted in ensuring exemplary results and gave the client a feeling of involvement through the sales and design process. Unsurprisingly, we have very happy clients. The performance is sublime, and the project is a true testament to the quality of Meridian and the hard work of our integrators.”

"The performance is sublime, and the project is a true testament to the quality of Meridian and the hard work of our integrators."

Kit List:

3 x Meridian DSP7200SE Loudspeakers

10 x Meridian DSP640 In-Wall Loudspeakers

6 x Meridian DSP320 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

2x Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller

1 x Meridian 218 Zone Controller

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