We are on a mission to take sound quality to the next level as we continue our long-term relationship with global consumer electronics giant, LG.

Our partnership with LG is driven by our place at the forefront of audio innovation, and in particular, our pioneering expertise in digital signal processing (DSP), now being integrated into LG’s award-winning consumer electronic range, including LG Soundbars, XBOOM GO portable speakers and LG TONE Free earphones.

LG first approached us in 2017 with the ambition to improve the sound quality of specific consumer electronic products. Through the collaboration, LG wanted to deliver unique solutions and an outstanding entertainment experience to LG customers worldwide.

Over 30 years we have perfected the art of DSP, based on our intrinsic understanding of psychoacoustics, the science behind how humans perceive and ‘feel’ sound. LG were keen to draw upon our expertise in this field. Together, we were motivated by the ambition to bring high performance audio to more people across the world and to deliver new experiences to LG customers.

Our approach to sound is not only founded on a deep understanding of DSP and psychoacoustics, but also the fact that music is the heart and soul of the company.

Many of our engineers are also highly accomplished and talented musicians, experienced in both live performance and the recording process.

Through this additional experience, we have a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of music and sound, and the feeling one gets from playing with other musicians in the same space and time. 

We strive to deliver the same emotional impact through our work with LG.

In 2020, our engineers took sound quality of LG sound bars to the next level by integrating Meridian Horizon Technology within LG SP11, SP9, SP8, SP7, SP7D and the innovative QP5.

Meridian Horizon technology provides immersive multi-channel audio from two channel stereo content, regardless of listening position or location in the room. This improves the soundstage of the whole performance, increasing the “sweet-spot” area and stability of the centre image to deliver an overall sense of immersion for every listener.

In this way, we have enhanced the experience and brought an immersive sound to LG customers across the globe.

Throughout our partnership with LG, we dedicated a research and investment programme to create a road map for consistent audio innovation. This research-led approach is combined with a genuine musical passion to yield the richest, most authentic audio experience possible. For LG’s 2021 TONE Free FP series earphones, our engineers integrated Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) and Meridian Perfect Balance technologies. HSP replicates the more natural experience of listening to loudspeakers, while Perfect Balance retains a consistent tonal balance at all listening volumes, improving the overall audio quality of LG Tone Free earphones.

We are very proud to have supported LG in recent years.  We are committed to breaking new ground and to innovate in new technologies, products and applications as they elevate the listening experience for customers.

We are excited for the future as research, technology and standards continue to advance.

"Despite being a challenging environment to work within due to their compact size, we have been able to use our expertise in Psychoacoustics and pioneering technologies to create a high-quality, natural sound to the LG TONE range."

Dr Laurence Hobden PhD, our Research and Applied Technologies Team Leader

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