Building on the success of our ongoing partnership with HiPhi, Human Horizons’ premium smart all-electric vehicle brand, we have worked together on the HiPhi Z Fully Electric GT.

The new Sonic Pro system, which has been engineered by us, is available as standard in all HiPhi Z cars. It represents a huge step forward for HiPhi’s in-car audio performance, including an increased channel count, enhanced amplifier power and a number of our unique proprietary technologies, which together deliver an exceptional experience for every occupant of the vehicle.

This collaboration with HiPhi comes at a hugely exciting time for us as we recently introduced EbM (Engineered by Meridian), our enhanced audio engineering consultancy and technology licensing offering. Our EbM engineering team worked closely with HiPhi from the outset of the project, enabling them to develop a fully optimised system from the ground up.

“Having worked together for the last three years, we understand what Human Horizons want to achieve in their HiPhi vehicles,” comments Paul Andrews, EbM Director of Sales. “This is the second HiPhi model featuring a Meridian-engineered audio system, and we have been able to push the boundaries of the audio experience delivered in a HiPhi vehicle.”

The HiPhi Z Sonic Pro sound system features 23 fully active loudspeakers. This includes woofers, midranges and tweeters in the front and rear doors, complemented by four rear surround channels and four height channels, as well as a centre channel and subwoofer.

Paul continues, “The HiPhi Z is a high-tech ultra-futuristic luxurious vehicle, and it was important that the sound experience matched the car’s design aesthetic. The ambition for this model was to create fully immersive entertainment in the vehicle that is lifelike, natural and authentic, whilst also providing occupants with the flexibility to personalise elements of the experience to match their own taste.”

Meridian Technologies

The HiPhi Z Sonic Pro sound system features six of our unique DSP Technologies, which solve many of the inherent issues and limitations in automotive applications that reduce the realism of in-car sound and detract from the listening experience. These proprietary technologies include:


Meridian Horizon is an upmixing technology that provides the end user with four different sound setting modes, including ‘Authentic’, ‘Surround, ‘VIP’ and ‘Custom’. The system also features five EQ pre-sets – Original, Smooth, Live, Dynamic and Extreme Dynamic – that have been specifically tuned for personal preference and different listening scenarios.


Meridian Intelli-Q allows Data-Driven Equalisation to optimise audio playback within the cabin based on data available from the vehicle, such as speed, window state, and roof state. Meridian Perfect Balance dynamically applies psychoacoustically informed frequency compensation to incoming audio to ensure a consistent tonally balanced audio experience at all listening volumes.


Meridian Digital Precision ensures that digital signal changes are smooth and seamless, preserving the finest details of the performance. Distortion is reduced and the noise floor lowered which optimise the signal output meaning the listener experiences every detail with minimal distortion.


Meridian RE-Q cabin correction technology intelligently and discreetly optimises the audio system to the precise acoustics of the vehicle cabin, preserving the natural rhythm of the performance.


Meridian True Time is a filter that produces accurate timing with clean and precise transients. This proprietary Apodising Filter technology from Meridian avoids pre-ringing and can actually clean up the effects of early filters, converting pre-echo to post-echo. This improves intelligibility, decreases listening fatigue and provides a more natural sound from all digital playback.


Meridian Perfect Balance ensures that as the volume of the system varies, there is no perceived loss of low and high frequencies, and spectral balance is maintained at all volume levels. This provides the listener with tonally balanced audio at all volume levels.

"At Human Horizons, we strive to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of possibility. For this new range of vehicles, we look up to concepts of space and time for inspiration, drawing parallels between science, art, human imagination, and sensory experience to create something truly special. As a flagship model, the HiPhi Z represents everything we want to be in a brand and is built for people who are, like us, driven by a desire to explore and create."

Ding Lei, Human Horizons Founder

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