Featuring an elegant profile, the DSP320.2 offers unrivalled power, accuracy and bass performance for a speaker of its size.

Its compact design and wide-dispersion capabilities make it perfect for mounting in a wall or ceiling. The DSP320.2 delivers full DSP loudspeaker performance, while the back-box and frame system allows for easy installation, precise positioning and consistent sound.

The DSP320.2 combines Meridian’s world-renowned DSP technologies with powerful built-in amplification, making it a true full-range loudspeaker with deep, extended bass.

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Performance Series In-Wall


Designed for living spaces, home theatres, marine or commercial installations – the DSP320.2 delivers unrivalled power, accuracy and bass performance for a speaker of its size. DSP320.2s are the perfect partners for our other loudspeakers, including the DSP520.2 and DSP640.2 Featuring strong bass performance and the option of L + R mode the DSP320.2 includes two power amplifiers that deliver 80W per drive unit. It is capable of full range sound with a maximum SPL of 106dB @1m and bass extension down to 50Hz. Ultra-shallow (100mm deep) design provides full DSP loudspeaker performance, while the rough-in box and frame system allows for easy installation and precise positioning. Grill can be painted to match décor.

Bespoke Signal Mapping

Meridian Bespoke Signal Mapping utilises digital signal processing to apply tailored crossover filters that are designed specifically for each configuration of drive units within a loudspeaker.

E3 Bass

Meridian E3 Bass uses specifically designed filters to expand, extend and enhance the low-frequency response of the loudspeaker.

Image Elevation

Image Elevation psychoacoustically raises the sound image to the centre of a screen – where the listener would expect to hear it from.


FFA (Full Frequency Alignment) is a combination of digital filters and delays to correct the group-delay of a loudspeakers. It ensures that all frequencies reach the listener’s ear at the same time.

Pro-Active Bass

Meridian Pro-Active Bass protects the bass drivers from over-excursion, ensuring maximum bass output without damaging the drive units.

Pro-Active Thermal

Meridian Pro-Active Thermal monitors the audio being sent to the mid-range drivers and tweeters and limits the overall volume of the loudspeaker if there is a risk of the drive units getting too hot.

True Time

True Time is Meridian's proprietary Apodising Filter that avoids pre-ringing and cleans up the effects of early filters, converting pre-echo to post-echo.

True Link

Meridian True Link is an encryption method for transferring high-definition digital audio over SPDIF connections. It allows secure movement of digital audio whilst ensuring that the SPDIF clock signal can be transmitted with minimum degradation.


Meridian Q-Sync deploys Meridian's multiple “First In, First Out” buffering system which minimises jitter, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity.

Architectural Performance Series

Our Architectural loudspeakers incorporate resolution enhancing technologies for the ultimate listening experience in a large range of installation applications. With virtually no visual impact to the decor, these powerful, full-range in-wall solutions require only a 100mm mounting depth and produce wide sound dispersion over the listening area.

The Search for Authenticity

Understanding the perfect formula for sound: technology plus emotion.

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With its extensive Research and Development programme Meridian has pioneered the development of a host of innovative audio technologies many of which feature in today’s Meridian products.


Here you will find a quick overview of the product highlights and features.


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Audio Inputs

Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45) accepting 32kHz to 96kHz sampling rates at up to 24-bit

Audio Outputs

Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45) delivering 32kHz to 96kHz sampling rates at up to 24-bit


Peak SPL: Peak SPL: 1m - 106dB


1 x 80W Class D amplifier per wide-range driver

1 x 80W Class D amplifier per bass driver

Bass Drivers

1 x ‘Racetrack’ oval bass driver

Wide-Range Drivers

1 x 85mm

Front Panel Controls

On/off rocker switch, Fuse holder, IR window

Rocker switch selects left-centre-right channel operation

LED indicator shows power status

Box Dimensions / Weight

HEIGHT: 299.5mm [11.8in]

WIDTH: 299.5mm [11.8in]

DEPTH: 103mm [4in]

WEIGHT: 5 kg [11 lbs]

Grille Dimensions

HEIGHT: 315.5mm mm [12.4in]

WIDTH: 315.5mm mm [12.4in]

DEPTH: 6mm [0.23in]


IEC mains connector included in back-box connects to flying lead attached to enclosure


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